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Дорогие друзья,в это нелегкое время школа SEmix предлагает бесплатное пробное занятие новопришедшим [...]

Russian for foreigners

Has Russian been a major struggle for you? Not any more!

Hey there!  If you are looking for a place to study Russian, then look no further.  At SEmix, we do not just offer high-quality lessons for learners of English, German, and French, but also Russian. Russian is one of the most unusual and interesting languages in the world. It is rich and full of colorful shades of meaning. To know Russian means to become closer to understanding of Russian culture, traditions and ancient secrets of Slavonic world. Are you interested in studying Russian? Then you are welcome in Linguistic center “SEMIX”.

Why choose this language school?

Our staff is experienced in teaching Russian learners from beginners to advanced, and we are sure that we can provide you with the individual attention you’ll need to succeed.  We will be glad to help you in overcoming the difficulties of studying Russian as a foreign language because we understand how frustrating it can be to learn a new language.  We've been there too! 

All of our instructors are at least bilingual and draw upon their own experience living and working abroad to help you adapt to your unique situation.  Living in a foreign country and studying a language isn't always easy, but with SEmix, it's easier. 

Let us help you communicate with Russians or express your thoughts better at work.  Whatever the problem may be - SEmix will fix it. Our aim is to give you a profound knowledge which you will be able to use in real life.

The new methodic of teaching Russian as a foreign language is oriented to the communicative aspect, which helps you to understand grammar and all nuances of the language in the process of actual communication.

You will study how to speak Russian properly in a short period of time! What is more, writing will not be a problem for you anymore. Our teachers will help you to remember all necessary rules of correct writing and spelling. You will be able to write properly and beautifully for any purpose.

A pleasant and friendly atmosphere during the lessons helps to relax and makes process of studying interesting, easy and lively. Join our friendly team and the incredible results will not make you wait for a long time! Travelling to Russia or any boarding country, speaking and writing in Russian, translation, business talks – all these opportunities are opened for you.  No matter what your goal is, we can help you.   At Semix, you’ll get the right mix of everything you need to achieve your own goals!

We’ll put together the course that’s right for you, from conversational Russian to studying the classics.




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